We are rethinking the future of energy!

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    “With innovative services we want to create added value which make all our lives safer and more comfortable and which go far beyond the energy sector.”

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    BEENERA is a brand of BEENIC GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of EWE AG. We understand the challenges faced by energy suppliers because of our background. With many years of experience in business development, we are used to developing digital business models and strategies with decision-makers at eye level.

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    Under the BEENERA brand we offer a white-label solution for energy utilities to digitalise their end-customer relationship. The solution itself is consistently geared to the end user’s needs.

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    The end customer is our top priority. This means that transparency of data use and data security have the highest priority.
    We develop innovative services with ambition. We actively participate in research projects and work together with a wide range of partners from science, research, the energy industry, housing industry and healthcare.

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Makers with team spirit
and enthusiasm for innovation

Together, BEENIC is a team of developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators and digital natives who all share a common characteristic: enthusiasm for innovation and the will to change.

Each individual contributes his or her strengths and unique perspective to the development of innovative products and services and enriches the team with his or her knowledge and commitment.

Our Team

  • Fabian has over 10 years of energy industry experience. At EWE AG, Fabian was a driver of group strategy and data-driven business models. What excites him about BEENERA is its strong openness and customer centricity.
    Fabian Zaps
    Co-Founder / Sales, Partnermanagement & HR
  • With experience in international self-employment, agencies and corporations, Sascha has been focusing on user-centric & emotional solutions for 15 years. What excites him about BEENERA is the maximization of the user experience.
    Sascha Fatikow
    Co-Founder / Product Development & Marketing
  • Ralf holds a doctorate in physics in the field of data science, has over 10 years of experience in the energy­sector, and built up and was responsible for the Smart Energy Market division at BTC AG. What fascinates him about BEENERA is the ecosystem approach.
    Dr. Ralf Walther
    Co-Founder / Service Portfolio & Finance
  • Thomas Fröhlich
    Dr. Thomas Fröhlich
    Senior Customer Interactions Researcher
  • Rufina Fingerhut
    Dr. Rufina Fingerhut
    Senior Business Developer
  • Heiner Bunjes
    Heiner Bunjes
    Senior Platform Architect
  • Shudong Sun
    Shudong Sun
    Data Scientist
  • Jan Schallenberg
    Jan Schallenberg
    Senior Sales & Partner Manager
  • Hannah Schaland
    Projektmanager / Key Account digital Projects
  • Dennis Jansen
    Dennis Jansen
    Customer Service Manager
  • Tobias Tiemerding
    Tobias Totzek
    Senior iOS Developer
  • Igor Arsentyev
    Igor Arsentyev
    Product Owner
  • Dr. Oliver Behler
    Dr. Oliver Behler
    Data Scientist
  • Filip Milojkovic
    Project Manager
  • Björn Fieweger
    Björn Fieweger
    Senior Product Owner
  • Jan Wiese
    Expert IoT & Metering
  • Nadine Küppers
    Marketing & Communication Manager
  • Hans Weber
    Web Architect
  • Mallika Mudda
    Mallika Mudda
    Senior Testmanager
  • Erik Keshishian
  • Bernhard Klefer
    Senior Cloud Architect
  • Thomas Cirksena
    Senior Android Developer
  • Annika Dunkhase
    Senior UI / UX Designer
  • Christoph Pageler
    Senior iOS Developer
  • Florian Köther
    Backend Developer
  • Tim Wiechmann
    Android Developer
  • Sven Riedel
    Works Student Test automation
  • Sven Arends
    Works Student Support
  • Mia Elea Mohrmann
    Works Student Customer Success
  • Rolf Norrenbrock
    Frontend & Backend Developer
  • Laura Philipp
    Key Account und Projectmanagement
  • Alea Schraage
    Works Student Support
  • Ina Buchholz
    Ina Buchholz
    Press officer

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