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  • Successful start under corona conditions   
  • Strong service convinces in energy sector
  • BEENERA app further developed

BEENIC, the start-up in the EWE Group that builds its digital business models for household-related services on data from electricity meters and smart home solutions and offers them under the BEENERA brand, is celebrating its first birthday.  The balance of the first year is very positive. Fabian Zaps, Head of Sales and Partner Management and authorized signatory at BEENIC: „We were able to win new customers despite the Corona pandemic, have massively expanded our customer service and are continuously adding more functionalities to our white label app. In our focus industry of energy, I see us on a good path.“ BEENIC now employs nearly 30 people from across the country. „With our digital and mobile way of working, we succeed in binding experts for our company nationwide,“ says Zaps.

The white-label app visualizes energy consumption in the household, the feed-in of electricity from photovoltaics, supports people with impairments to live self-determined and independently in their own households for longer and opens up worlds of benefits.

The service for energy companies in particular, which offer the BEENERA app to their customers as a white-label solution, has emerged as the key to success. BEENIC takes care of data pre-configuration, procurement and logistics for the required sensor technology for the customers.

With its own activities in market and user research, for which the company is always looking for test subjects, BEENERA is continuously developing its app – with new functions and for an optimal user experience.

Ambitious goals for the future

Since the beginning of May, BEENIC has been a partner in the SUITE funding project of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the „Smart Data Economy“ program. The project develops and tests assistance systems that apply machine learning and artificial intelligence in the smart home, using data from intelligent electricity meters, the smart meters, and smart home components. The aim is to offer elderly people living alone assistance systems that support them in living a self-determined life at home for longer. An assistance system for a satisfied and happy life in one‘s own four walls, based on smart meter data, is new worldwide and will be developed significantly as part of this funded project. In addition to the consortium leader Vonovia, Hakisa, hager Group, Institute for Communication Technology (IKT), German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and now BEENIC are consortium partners in the SUITE project, which will run until the end of May 2022. 

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Ina Buchholz
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Ina Buchholz