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+ Mainova AG uses app solution from BEENERA to offer customers value-added services. 

+ Joint development of new functions during pilot phase

+ BEENERA’s comprehensive range of services and benefits was the decisive factor

Oldenburg, March 11, 2022. Mainova AG customers have been using the BEENERA app since the beginning of March. The company agreed the cooperation with BEENERA back in June 2021. After an initial pilot phase, the Frankfurt-based company is now gradually rolling out the app – starting with existing private customers. The app is free, but initially tied to the “Main Cleverer Strom” tariff – a tariff-independent version is to follow. “We want to offer our customers digital added value and communicate more strongly with them. 

BEENERA not only had the right product, the service and hardware support were also right. Together, we have developed further functions for the app in recent months that bring additional benefits to our clientele, such as visualized electricity consumption,” explains Olaf Zupancic Senior Product Manager Digital Products & Services at Mainova AG. With the use of the app, the energy supplier from Frankfurt, which supplies customers throughout Germany, wants to increase its customer loyalty. “With digital offers and added value, we can build a close relationship with our customers. The fact that communication is possible in both directions is an important element in this,” says Olaf Zupancic.

With its app, BEENERA provides a white-label solution for energy companies that is adapted to the respective corporate identity. Based on real-time data from the digital electricity meter, the app visualizes energy consumption overall and by consumption group, and shows users how their consumption behavior is affecting them. Monthly energy bills without a deduction, energy-saving and sustainability tips, surveys or price information can also be played out via the app. “This is where the digitalization of the energy industry becomes uncomplicatedly usable. Because we take you out of the basement and into your pocket, so to speak. In addition, the application helps to save energy and thus money,” emphasizes Klaas Eschment, Head of Market, Products and Control.

In general, the app also offers services outside the energy environment, such as an inactivity warning. With this potentially available function, people can remain in their home environment who are selectively dependent on support. “We are continuously developing the app further and have our sights set on services far beyond the energy environment,” announces Sascha Fatikow, who is responsible for product development and marketing at BEENERA.



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