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New development stage focuses on customer dialog

+ App supports energy companies in customer relations 

+ New features and services support the customer experience for consumers and prosumers

+ From March, customers will experience the third generation app version

The visualization of energy consumption has been the main function of the BEENERA app so far. All functions are based on consumption data transmitted by digital meters. Starting in March, the next expansion stage of the BEENERA app will showcase new features and services as well as improved usability, making it possible for energy companies to contact their customers in a targeted and interactive manner and exchange personalized information. Customers whose energy supplier offers the app get significantly more transparency and leeway to shape their energy consumption. “The new app version corresponds with bi-directional meters, it shows feed-in and purchase data or significant loads in the household. This new feature opens the view beyond the consumer perspective to prosumers, who are becoming increasingly important for the transformation of the energy industry,” says Sascha Fatikow, who is responsible for product development and marketing at BEENIC.

The new home screen design provides convenient and intuitive access to configurable widgets and information about individual consumption behavior, as well as personalized profile settings. Quick links direct users, for example, to the energy company offering the service or to further information within and outside the app. The BEENERA app is designed as a white-label solution that is adapted to the individual corporate identity of the energy company.

“In this development stage, we wanted to make people even more aware of their own consumption behavior and make offers for bidirectional communication between energy companies and customers,” explains Sascha Fatikow. Via the app, energy companies can digitalize the support of their customers, switch billing procedures to a monthly cycle, map consumption and feed-in data in real time, and offer information and interactions in the content area specific to customer groups. “The new app version takes into account customer requirements and our findings from user studies,” explains Fatikow. 

Focus on customer dialog and target-group-specific information offering

“Today, energy companies not only want to get in touch with their customers via the bill, but also transmit helpful information about new products or energy-saving or sustainability tips tailored to the respective consumption, launch surveys or make dialog offers. Digital interactions via the app strengthen customer loyalty,” says Fatikow. In addition, there is potential for savings in administration and support for the energy company offering the service.

More self-service functions for high transparency and self-determination

Via the BEENERA app, participating customers can conveniently view their consumption data in real time and have their consumption displayed in daily, monthly and yearly updated values. Customers can choose between a display in kWh and euros and have their consumption broken down into device groups, such as “heating and cooling” and “e-mobility.” “In this way, customers feel very directly how their consumption behavior is affecting them and can derive optimization approaches quickly and independently,” says Fatikow.

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Ina Buchholz
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Ina Buchholz